We are a child minding service opened since September 2012.  We are graded Ofsted Outstanding in our last inspection (November 2nd 2016).

Our aim is to provide a safe, happy and stimulating child centric environment. We encourage children to challenge themselves, be curious and share their thoughts and ideas about the world around them.  We focus on good manners and friendly behaviour equally numeracy and literacy.  We support children to be independent in their needs, self care and learning. 


Our core hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, 46 weeks of the year.  We close on National and Bank Holidays.




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10 Quality Commitments to Natural Thinking


1.     50/50 ratio of natural resources/space and commercial resources/space outside

We have our garden with grass, plants and plastic


2.     Children have opportunities to grow, pick and taste produce

We grew our summer crop, we are preparing our winter crop


3.     A gardening or digging area available at all times

We have our raised planter and will create a digging area at the rear of the garden


4.     Evidence of children caring for their natural environment

The children tend their crop, collect leaves and feed animals at Deen City Farm when we visit.  

We also feed ducks at Tooting common.


5.     Evidence of children engaging with weather and the seasons

We are up and out everyday in all weather, I provide wellie boots, all weather clothing and 

children know to select boots to go into garden


6.     Evidence of children engaging with wildlife

We visit the swans and animals at the local common; visit Deen City Farm, mobile farms and 

hatched butterflies this year. 2014 we will hatch chicks from Deen City Farm.


7.     Children have daily access to the outside

We have a secluded contained garden with free flow curtains between inside and 

outside allowing children to go outside when wanted.


8.     Settings are committed to inclusion ensuring no child is excluded from outdoor activities

I provide age appropriate tools for gardening, all weather clothing (regardless of whether parents 

provide their own) and outings/visits costs are included in fees


9.     At least 1 staff member must have attended the natural thinkers training Engaging with families to get involved

That’s me! I will continue to have Forest School activities on our weekly schedule and forward 

communication to families to get involved.  I have also received help from families in correct crop management.


10.  A commitment to developing the natural spaces within the setting and taking children to visit natural places of interest.

Hoping to collaborate with local nurseries and children centres to provide Forest School activities with the children.  

To visit Stockwell Oasis Garden, Horniman museum gardens, The Rookery and other local places