About the childminder

   What do you enjoy most about the job?

      How long have you been a childminder?

   Why did you decide to become a childminder?
   Are you a member of PACEY (formerly NCMA)?

About their training

      What relevant qualifications do you have?

   What training have you done?
   Do you belong to a childminding group or network?
   Are you taking part in a quality assurance scheme?
   Have you had training in the EYFS (England only)?

About their setting

      How many other children do you look after, how old are they and how long have you been looking after them?

   Do you have any children of your own? How old are they?
   Can you describe a typical childminding day or week?
   How do you make sure you keep a good working relationship with parents?
     What arrangements do you have for meals and snacks?
   What do you consider unacceptable behaviour, and how do you deal with it? Which festivals and special occasions do you celebrate and how?

Getting out and about

   Do you and the children regularly go on outings during the week?   Do you ever go on special trips out?

      What would you do in an emergency involving yourself or one of the children?

      Do you ever take the children out in the car, and if so, do you have suitable insurance cover, seat belts and car seats for this?

   Do you have pets or a garden?
   What do you do about holidays – both ours and yours?

Meeting registration requirements

   How do you support the EYFS (in England) or the Foundation Phase (in Wales)?
               Can I see your registration and insurance certificates?
   Can I see your Ofsted or CSSIW inspection report?
               Can I see any references from parents?

      How do you make sure the individual needs of each child are met?

Remember that if you phone during the day the childminder is likely to have children around, so it's always best to ask if it’s a good time to talk and keep your questions short. If the childminder seems suitable, arrange a time and day to visit.