Click here to login to the Baby's Days System. 

Here at Sounique Child we use a comprehensive childcare management system called Baby's Days.  The system can be accessed via an app or browser.  All parents will be provided with secure login details to access their child's profile on the system which includes but is not limited to pictures, daily diaries, progress, developments, reporting, newsletters, contracts, attendance, Medical and invoicing. 

Parents will receive daily diaries whilst their child attends the setting and parents are actively encouraged to help support evidence of their children's progress and development by suggesting next steps for learning, sharing photo evidence of their child's development or a 'wow' moment. There are annual parent review meetings, termly progress reports, in addition to the daily diaries which record childen's progress as they happen. 

We are proud of our association with Baby's Days and how it helps support us work in partnership parents (and other professionals, when required).