We look after babies from 18 months to rising five.  

COVID19 VISITS: Prospective parents can visit the setting by appointment outside of setting operating times (Monday to Thursday at 5.30pm term time). 

At the viewing we are happy to answer any questions but parents can also look through the FAQ section of the site for frequently asked questions.  On completion of the application form, which must be returned with the non refundable £50.00 registration fee, you will receive, by email, our information pack which details our fees, arrangements and terms and conditions. The application form also reserves a place.  We will then arrange for your child to attend settling in sessions.  

If there are no spaces available at the setting your application will be added to the waiting list. 

Once the application has been accepted and a place is available you will be contacted to agree your child's start date and begin the settling in process.  Priority is given to those with siblings.  As you can appreciate families move in and out of the area or children move on to full time school so there are no guarantees of places throughout the year.  The sooner the application is received, the more likely families will get the days they want.

How the process works

Families wanting a place are processed immediately once we are in receipt of completed application fee and forms:

  * Prior to your requested start date, we will contact you to re-confirm your requirements.

  * The offer of an available place may be made immediately but is usually 4-6 weeks before the start date.  This is based on your specified days/start date. We may withdraw the offer if you change your requirements eg. if you postpone the start date or reduce your required days.

  * Once you receive our written offer, you need to accept this (or not) in writing and pay the deposit amount stated on your invoice by return. If you do not do so, the place will be offered to the next family on the waiting list.

  * If you decline a place, it does not count against you if you want to remain on the waiting list. However, you do then need to give us clear revised start date/days, so that we can update our waiting list accurately.

  * After you have accepted the place, you will be offered dates for up to 6 settling-in sessions and sent an enrollment form plus an invoice for the first month’s fees. These need to be sent back and paid by return.

  * We use a 3 stage settling process which begins with the child visiting the setting for short 'stay and play' type sessions.  Once comfortable we move to stage 2 where the primary carer begins to withdraw.  The third stage is when the child meets the other children, naps and allows personal hygiene routines to carried out by the childminder.  Settling includes one simulated day at the setting prior to the start date. 

  * Remember to let us know of any changes to your contact details or requirements, especially specific notice periods needed at any other childcare provider you are moving away from.

  * Please remember we can be contacted at anytime to discuss your requirements or application.  During the working day please leave a message and we will return calls when we can. 

All fees shown apply for our 2020 business year (1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021). 

Application for a place: 

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